Ter Inspirasie

As ‘n oortuigde AAA (Anti-ouderdom Aktivis en Anargis) spreek die dokumentêre prent Advanced Style regstreeks tot my hart.

Dié HEERLIKE film van Ari Seth Cohen boekstaaf die lewenslus, wysheid en energieke, kreatiewe styl van sewe New Yorkse vroue tussen die ouderdomme van 62-95 en kom tot die gevolgtrekking dat ouderdom regtig iets is wat in jou kop gebeur, mits jy dit wil toelaat!

Cohen sê: “I wanted to show that you can be stylish, creative and vital at any age.”


Hier is ‘n paar aanhalings en wonderlike uittreksels om julle lus te maak:



  • I’m not ready for a convent, so I can wear leopard-print glasses
  • I am between 50 and death…
  • Up till 80 you usually lie about your age, after 80 you brag about it


Lynn Dell 78:

  • Fashion says “Me Too”. Style says “Only Me!”
  • I am dressed up for the theatre of my life every day
  • I am much freer and moreover the top now
  • I am not out to look younger, I just want to look wonderful and be healthy



  • Wear one colour and dress it up with great accessories
  • Wear a hat – it is a wonderful way of getting attention
  • Your attitude is your altitude


Sing hou jou blykbaar jonk! Kyk hoe smeulend lyk hierdie twee beroemde sangeresse nog.



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